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Think about the number of times you have arrived home after a busy day at work and all you need is a glass of chilled wine. That will not happen if you always keep your wine in a cabinet with no cooling system at all. This is where the wine cooler comes in to save the day. Simply go to your wine cooler and take out a bottle of chilled wine and enjoy the sips.

The best part is that you can always choose to cool the wine to the right temperature for the wine type and personal preference too. We get to cover the best wine cooler reviews below among other essentials so that you can always choose the right wine cooler.

Top Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Danby DWC172BL 17-Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler

Danby DWC172BL 17-Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler 2

Starting today, you will be able to chill your favorite wine just to the right temperature for you to enjoy it. To ensure that it can work for many people, the manufacturer made the model to be compact, but still deliver on incredible storage space. You should be able to chill around 17 bottles in this wine cooler. The larger non-standard wine bottles might take up more space, but that is nothing to worry about. It’s design is classy enough so that you can keep it in your office, kitchen or even a bar. The reversible door found on this model helps with a quick access from either left or right side.

You still get staggered shelves to nicely arrange your wine bottles. The shelves make it easy for you to showcase the kind of wine you would want your guests to see. These Danby wine coolers will be able to maintain the temperature in the desired range for most wines. This should help in aging the wine correctly.


  • It is a compact wine cooler that does not take up a lot of space
  • The molded worktop offers the use additional storage space for accessories
  • You can store up to 17 wine bottles, which is a lot for its size


  • Some users have had problems with temperature control, but they are isolated cases

2. Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 2

This model is among the top best wine coolers you can ever get today. The manufacturer made it have a fashionable appeal and still realistic regarding storing the wine bottles. It might be small, but it can handle up to 12 wine bottles. The slide in and out stainless shelves should make it easy for accessing and storing new wine bottles.

The protected glass doorway with stainless steel trim is what makes it look great and still durable. The additional platinum finish gives the wine cooler a contemporary feel that can match different types of décor. The model is still small so that you can have an easy time finding the right location for the cooler. It is also lightweight so carrying it from one place to another should not be much of a problem.


  • The thermoelectric cooling system presents a vibration-free environment for your wine
  • It is compact so that you can always store it on the counter top
  • The 12 wine bottle capacity is still impressive for a small time collector
  • The stylish design makes it stand out even more from its competitors


  • It does not come with reversible doorway hinges for easy access
  • It might not be ideal for big families

3. NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler- 18 Bottle

NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler- 18 Bottle 2

If you would love always to serve your wine at the right temperature, then you need this thermoelectric wine cooler today. The model can hold up to 18 wine bottles. It is not easy to come by such models with a compact size. Its thermoelectric cooling system has many advantages such as eliminating the vibrations and operating quietly. Any wine enthusiast knows that vibrations are not always good for the wine, thus will be a great gift for such a person.

The digital temperature control is just amazing for many people who would love to easily control the wine cooler temperature. With the push of a button, you can set it to the desired temperature basing on the wine types in the cooler. The thermoelectric cooling system if eco-friendly as it does not need any chemicals or coolants for it to operate effectively. This means that your environment will always be protected.


  • The model comes with interior light which is important if you have to put your collection on display
  • The digital temperature control makes it easy to set the right temperature
  • The 18 bottle storage room should be perfect for many families
  • Since it is compressor free, it should operate quietly


  • Its temperature controls easily break down after using it for a few months

4. EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Cooler

EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Cooler 2

Looking at its wine bottle capacity, you can always be sure to love it. It can store up to 53 bottles of wine. Keep in mind these are the standard Bordeaux style kind of bottles. For the larger bottles, you might have to remove some shelves to accommodate them. This Edgestar wine coolers model still presents you with an elegant design, which features a sleek steel trim doorway. The soft LED interior light should present you with a timeless design that will get people loving the wine collection.

The UV rays can be disastrous to your wine, so the manufacturer gave this model a tinted glass. The glass will prevent the unwanted heat from getting into the cooler to disrupt the cooling process. The digital controls on the model make it easy for you to control the temperatures. No complex controls as you simply need to push some buttons, and you are ready to go.


  • The tinted glass door keeps the UV rays from affecting the wine in the cooler
  • The 53 bottle capacity makes it ideal for the big families or bars
  • The reversible door should make it easy for accessing the wine bottles from either direction
  • The internal fan is present to help with circulating the air


  • The fan unit has on and off cycles every 10 seconds, making it feel like a water drip from a faucet. This is quite annoying to some people.

How does a wine cooler work ?

If you have been looking to shop for a wine cooler, it is easy to note that they can use a compressor or thermoelectric technology to cool the wine. On the outside, the two might look the same, but the cooling technique is all different. The compressor wine coolers work just like the standard refrigerator in the kitchen. In this case, a liquid refrigerant will be circulating through the compressor system, which will eventually cool the wine to the desired temperature. The advantage is that you can always get very cold temperatures great for some wine types.

Many people today prefer the thermoelectric technology as it is environmentally friendly than the compressor technology. Thermoelectric technology using two pieces of metals joined, which can transfer heat from one side of the cooler to the other. When one side of the plate gets hot, the other side cools. It happens quickly, so you will not even notice. Since the metal plates are small, and no moving parts are in the system, the technology will not yield any vibrations when used.

Types of wine coolers

1. Counter-top wine coolers

Counter-top wine coolersIf you do not have a lot of floor space to spare, then this should be the obvious choice for you. They are also designed for those people who often drink the wine rather than collecting. If you are going to keep the wine for just a month, then there is no need to keep it in other types of wine coolers. Because of its compactness, you can expect it to hold between 4 to 24 wine bottles.

2. Under counter wine coolers

Under counter wine coolers

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They are still designed for people who do not have a lot of space and would still want to enjoy having their wine chilled. The cooler will be installed in one of your kitchen cabinets or any other type of counter. Make sure that the manufacturer has specified that it can be installed in the cabinet or else you might end up with ventilation issues.

3. Free-standing coolers

Free-standing coolersThese types of wine coolers are likely to resemble the under counter cooler regarding size and looks, but they are supposed to be placed in an open air environment. If you have a lot of space to spare, you can always opt for such a model. These models are often known for their large sizes. Before you go shopping for one, make sure you understand the amount of space that you have available for the cooler. The best part is that you can always place it wherever you want in the house.

4. Single zone and double zone coolers

Single zone and double zone coolers

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To meet the needs of various clients, the manufacturers now make the wine coolers as either single zone or double zone.

  • For the single zone, you will find that it has one large compartment where you get to keep the wine bottles.
  • The dual zone coolers are partitioned into two compartments.

Each compartment will have different temperature ranges. This could be perfect for those looking to stock various types of wine that require varied temperatures to stay chilled properly.

What temperature should a wine cooler be set at ?

Wine temparature

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To make sure that you get to enjoy drinking your wine, it is important that you know the right temperature to set for your wine cooler. If you are looking to store the wine for a longer time such as six months, keep the temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the wine above the temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit will make it have accelerated aging. This will always shorten the wine’s lifespan.

If you are not looking to keep the wine for over six months, then it is crucial to keep the wine at the appropriate serving temperature. The serving temperature will largely vary with the type of wine brand.

  • The light, sparkling and dry white wines often require a lower temperature. Make sure to cool them at 40 to 50 degree Fahrenheit.
  • For the full-bodied white wines and fruity red wines, consider keeping them at 50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The full-bodied red wines often take the high temperatures of about 60 to 65 degree Fahrenheit.

Depending on the type of wine types that you have, it will require that you find the right temperature to keep them chilled. Simply make sure it is within the recommended range to enjoy having chilled wine more often.

Why use a wine cooler ?

  1. Ideal for wine storage

You might have discovered that many people are buying wine coolers all thanks to the wine cooler reviews. This is because they have proven to be the best when it comes to storing the wine. The same cannot be said for the refrigerators. The refrigerators often come with a lot of vibrations which are not so great for wine storage. The wine coolers also keep the wine at the right serving temperature many people would enjoy.

  1. Less expensive

If you compare between the wine cooler and cellars or refrigerator, the cooler is often inexpensive. This means that you will not have to spend so much just to enjoy having a chilled drink in your home.

  1. Low maintenance costs

The best part of using the wine coolers is that you do not have to worry so much about the maintenance costs. The parts are often made out of strong materials so that durability is guaranteed. Even if you have to change something from the cooler, the parts are easy to get still at a low price.

  1. Environment friendly

The wine coolers use the thermoelectric method to cool the wine. This method cannot be compared most refrigerators which use compressor technology. The thermoelectric technology will save you money as it does not consume a lot of energy. This method also does not involve using harmful chemicals for cooling that might affect the environment.

  1. Compact

The wine coolers are made to be compact in size. Without a doubt, this could be advantageous for those people looking to save on space and still chill their wine. On average, the wine cooler can occupy the space of a single cabinet. That should also depend on the capacity of the cooler.

How to install a wine cooler under counter

under counter wine coolers

After reading several wine cooler reviews, you probably now want one. The wine coolers that can be stored under the counter are often the most used by many people today. The best part is that you can end up taking your wine at the right temperature without taking up a lot of your space in the room. If you have found yourself a great wine cooler, these are the steps to install under the counter.

  • The first step would be making sure you have the right wine cooler. The front venting cooler is the best choice mentioned in many wine cooler reviews. The rear venting coolers are seen to be always a potential fire hazard when installed under the counter.
  • Start by selecting the cabinet to install the cooler. Make sure that the cooler is far away from the sink to avoid cases of electrical shorts. This could happen in the event of a water leak.
  • Proceed to remove the cabinet door and install an electric socket in the space provided under the counter. Install the standard 220-volt outlet so that it can support any wine cooler model.

Insert the wine cooler into space under the counter and plug it in. You can adjust the wine cooler feet until it is standing correctly. Once you have installed the cooler, proceed to trim the cabinet edge so that it is in line with the cooler door.

Where to put wine cooler ?

  1. Home bar

By the time you are looking to buy a wine cooler, probably you like entertaining a large number of people more often in your house. This calls for having a home bar in the house. Keeping your wine cooler in such a room should always make it easy to pour a drink for your guests.

  1. The kitchen

Without a doubt, this is by far the most popular place to keep your wine cooler. You will always find many people going back to the kitchen and come out with drinks. There is still convenience in the sense that you can be cooking and simply pour yourself a glass of wine. The kitchen also provides a ready space to install the wine coolers such as under counter or cabinets.

  1. Dining room

If you often host some dinner parties in a year, you should consider having your wine cooler in the dining room. This will always reduce the hassle of moving from one room to another just to get drinks for your guests.

  1. Entertainment area

Many homeowners today have the fantasy of spending most of the time in a room they call entertainment area. You can invite friends to play pool, watch TV and still spend time with family as a way of unwinding after a long week. Such a room could benefit from having a wine cooler.

  1. Countertop

Countertops for a place such as restaurants and bars could serve as a nice place to keep the wine cooler. The bartenders can always have an easy time pulling out the wine bottles and serve to the clients with ease. It can also be a great way of showcasing the wine collection in the bar.

Wine cooler vs wine cellar

Sometimes it can be confusing to people when they are told to choose between a wine cellar and a wine cooler. The wine cellar is the dedicated space for only storing wine. You can find it in the basement, in a closet or even under the stairs. This space is often integrated with a wine cooling system and appropriate racking to store your wine easily. The wine will be maintained at optimal conditions, which allow for long-term aging. To ensure that the wine is stored for the long term, the temperatures are set between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The wine cellar would be built to hold hundreds to thousands of wine bottles as compared to only a few for the wine cooler.

Wine cooler vs wine cellar

The work of the wine cooler is to simply maintain the wine at a consistent temperature and would be only suitable for short term storage. Many wine cooler reviews show that a wine cooler is great if you need the wine chilled to the right serving temperatures. So, if you are looking to just maintain your wine at desirable temperatures to consume it in a few days, then the wine cooler is the best option.

Wine cooler vs. refrigerator

Since the invention of the refrigerator, it has always been easy for many people to store food and beverages. As much as the refrigerator is something you can use to store wine, it will not always give you the desired results. The con of using the refrigerator is that it cannot maintain a constant temperature. This is all because other people looking to pick something in a single day would open the refrigerators more often. If the temperature is not kept constant and the cork dries out, then it can shrink leading to the spoiling of wine due to air.

Wine cooler vs. refrigerator

The wine coolers, on the other hand, come with just many benefits that make them better than refrigerators for storing wine. The wine coolers are portable and controlling the temperature is not hard at all. Since you can maintain the temperature at a constant figure, it should be easy to serve it just at the right temperature. The wine coolers still do not have the vibrations that might be common in the refrigerators. Wine does not the continuous vibrations and it distorts the sediments thus spoiling your wine taste.


With these wine cooler reviews and other tips to buy the best wine cooler, it should be easy to make up your mind today. The various models come with their features, which make them the best. You can still choose based on size if you are looking to entertain more people. Without a doubt, you will always love to have chilled wine from the moment you start drinking from a chilled bottle thanks to the wine cooler.